23 March 2018

If your teeth aren’t well aligned and you want to correct them without showing the traditional metal brackets or colour tires, then the invisible orthodontics is your most suitable option in this case.

Behind we left those days of showing a perfect denture wearing wires, metals and leagues on our teeth during years. So yes, it changed with invisible orthodontics, the invisible alternative to fix orthodontics that annoys so much and makes people that wear them uncomfortable.

Invisible orthodontics: what is it and how it works?

It is about some transparent aligners that are made bespoke and adapted to each patient with the objective of repositioning the teeth through an orthodontics treatment that is innovating, aesthetic and particularly, effective.

The specialist take some printing of the teeth, make a register of the bite, take some panoramic and digital X-Ray of the teeth, and then the dental printings are scanned to create a digital and three-dimensional model

Then with help of the estereolitography technology we make the moulds or plastic aligners that the patient will use during the treatment, as his teeth keep changing and align.

So, it is not about a couple of unique splints, they are replaced as the teeth acquire the desired position, or till people can show a stunning smile.

Advantages of invisible orthodontics

1. Improves the dental aesthetic

Because of the transparent moulds no one will notice that you are in an orthodontics treatment, and the best of all is that you could smile widely because you won’t have anti-aesthetic elements in your teeth.

2. Is not painful

The splints are made of plastic and this eliminates the possibility of making abrasions, tears and sore in the internal area of the lips or the oral mucosa membrane, that normally happens when you have conventional brackets.

3. Oral sanitation enouraging

The aligners can be removed to eat and of course to brush your teeth. With any doubt it avoids the decay teeth onset, to suffer halitosis, or the food accumulation on the metal brackets or teeth that affects considerably oral health.

The patient is free to take them out and brush the teeth, use dental floss and oral rinse when you want to; this is translated in a guaranteed oral sanitation during all treatment.

4. Results in advance

One of the main advantages of the invisible orthodontics is that the patient can see how his teeth will be in the end of the treatment thanks to an Assisted Design by computer software that simulates the movement of the teeth before it happens.

5. Gums care

Some clinical studies showed up that invisible orthodontics improves gums health. Why? Because correctly aligned teeth allows the gums to surround more teeth and as this avoids periodontal diseases.

6. Improves self-steem

The conventional brackets normally affect patient’s self-steem because they don’t feel attractive with their appearance. But this doesn’t happen with invisible orthodontics because is completely transparent and there is nothing to fear or hide.

7. Fast dental alignment

The treatment takes between 3 and 18 months, which is very well compared with time that metal brackets take in correcting the teeth positioning – between 2 and 3 years approximately.

All these benefits made that nowadays more than 4 million people improved teeth appearance and smile with the use of transparent plastic splints or invisible orthodontics. Fantastic!, isn’t it?