13 December 2019

Our IMED Dental team care about safety and oral care in sports. In this area people are exposed to contact injuries and misinformation; but also we have to be aware that diet, sports supplements and medicines can affect in a negative way to efficiency and oral health.

How to prevent diseases and oral injuries related to sport?

All sports that implies body contact, as well as those that implies falls or flying equipment are prone to cause oral diseases. So it requires to those who practice it to take prevention measures needed for oral care.

In professional sport we advise to have a dentist on the team that goes with them. Not only because of the risk of injuries and diseases, but also to care about other aspects as medication prescribed.

Do you know about sports dentistry? It is a field that takes care about athlete oral health. The dentist have to prevent, evaluate and treat oral diseases related to sport and physical activity. Thanks to a cared diet and prevention sport’s efficiency and general health can be improved.

But, how to prevent oral diseases and injuries related to sports? The next oral care measures have to be taken:

  • To have a balanced diet
  • To use mouth guard, preferable bespoke
  • Visit frequently the dentist in Salamanca for checkup and treatment of sports activity related injuries.
  • Take needed measures to keep healthy oral tissues.
  • Take care about your medication to avoid possible dopant effects.

Safety and oral care in sports

Usual injuries are, regarding oral health, those that can cause bleeding, fractures and teeth loss, as well as lacerations in gums.

The use of mouth guard, to have a balanced diet, to avoid actions as chewing ice or hard sweets are some of the measures that will protect athletes oral health.

In case of trauma on the mouth it is important to go to the dentist  as soon as possible. The specialist will evaluate damage and give the suitable treatment. But the spotlight is before coming back to sports practice, because the specialist will recommend safety and prevention measures to take.

These are the most frequent teeth lessions that we can find:

  • Chipped teeth. It is possible to repair them, depending on the size of the chip the dentist will choose the most suitable method. If it is an artificial teeth it will be necessary to replace it.
  • Dental fracture. They aren’t always are visible, but can appear with pain and sensitivity by chewing. Among the solutions are root canal treatment, to place a dental crown or to remove it.
  • Teeth loss. It is possible lost tooth reimplantation because of bump or accident. Success possibilities are higher while faster you go to the dentist.
  • Fractured jaw. It requires immediate attention. Moreover, you have to avoid moving the jaw and keep it in its place by tying it with a towell, tie or something similar.