19 February 2018

Last week in the COPE Valencia station took place an interesting interview to the renowned Dr. Carlos Aguilar.

Carlos Aguilar González is expert dentist in orofacial pain treatment and skull-mandible dysfunction and is part of the medical team of IMED DENTAL Valencia.

During more than 20 minutes that lasts this interview, the doctor explained closely the relevant points about his specialty, orofacial pain. Some points to underscore are:

Skull-mandible dysfunction has a multifactorial origin. Like this, it depends on the cause of this dysfunction, the therapy that will be used and the time will be different. For example, many times the origin can be a systemic pathology as arthritis and, in this case, you should be more patient or even it is possible that it comes also with parafunctions that can perpetuate the pathology in time.

olor orofacial Carlos AguilarDiet, sleeping quality, some habits…can affect the orofacial pain development. Actually, could be many the etiologies that cause orofacial pain and specifically the skull-mandible dysfunction.

Therapy will depend on the pain origin. It can be drugs or a physiotherapy treatment, also of course the preventive ones.

As higher is our sleeping quality better collagen quality we will generate during this time and there will be less possibilities of parafunction. It is a very wide area, so, many factors can affect orofacial pain.

Bruxism origin is related with central nervous system and is something chronic, in other words, it is forever, but factors as stress can worsen it.

All of us are exposed to have neural origin pain. Moreover, it can happen suddenly, from day to day. Those that are like migraine are related with diet or life habits… It is a complex field.

The most important thing of being patient of IMED Dental and not of another clinic, is that due to the multifactorial character of this kind of pathology and that its treatment is also multidisciplinary, it is important and very interesting for the patient that all specialists are on the same center and specially in a hospital environment as it is IMED Hospitals. When you need a consultation is easier to have it and also to make other tests (CT scan, MRI, X-Ray…) for the patient is simpler and faster.

There are pathologies with different causes that often require expert opinion of a specialist.

Listen to the full interview here.