12 January 2018

18th december 2017

Recent studies showed that having a healthy mouth during pregnancy can help to reduce the preterm birth risk and avoids the baby to have future problems.

With the objective of reducing as much as possible the risks, the mother should take some advices as the ones from our experts, dentists of IMED Dental, specified as we see:

  • Visit the dentist, at least once between the third month and the sixth month of pregnancy, ideally. The biggest morphological and hormone changes happen during pregnancy. The woman’s body changes in a lot of ways, and also the oral cavity. The dentist will make a diagnosis of the oral status and will give some tips to minimize the oral diseases risk on the mother and the baby. It is essential to inform your dentist about your situation when you have the appointment. It is better to have a consultation between the third and sixth month because the first three months of pregnancy are extremely important for the baby’s development and the best is to avoid any problem. From the sixth month you maybe feel more weighed  and it is more uncomfortable to go to the consultation.
  • Have a careful oral sanitation: brush your teeth after every meal, use fluoride rinse and dental floss, etc…
  • The prevention of tooth decay and gingivitis is a priority. For that, even if you have a correct cleaning, the best is to have a balanced diet, without sweets and other sugar and rich in fruits and vegetables. A lot of pregnant woman have gingivitis. Reddened gums, swollen and with easy bleeding are the normal signs of this oral disease. It happens more frequently during pregnancy because the hormone levels increase and cause the high reaction of gums among bacterial plaque, the main cause is gingivitis.
  • Control enamel erosion that is caused by the acid of morning sickness that some woman have in this period. The best is to rinse with water or with specific rinse recommended previously by your doctor.
  • To sum up, drink a lot of water and be always hydrated. As this you will avoid to have dry mouth and as this decrease tooth decay and infection proliferation.