13 12, 2019

Oral care in sports


Our IMED Dental team care about safety and oral care in sports. In this area people are exposed to contact injuries and misinformation; but also we have to be aware that diet, sports supplements and medicines can affect in a negative way to efficiency and oral health. How to prevent diseases and oral injuries related

7 08, 2018

Why do I need periodontics?


Periodontics is a dentistry specialty, that studies  diagnosis, treatment and diseases prevention and  conditions that affect tissues that support teeth, as gums. The objective is to keep good teeth health and its tissues , as well as aesthetics. Periodontics maintain teeth and its tissues healthy because of teeth cleaning that eliminates tartar and bacterial plaque.

23 03, 2018

Advantages of invisible orthodontics


If your teeth aren’t well aligned and you want to correct them without showing the traditional metal brackets or colour tires, then the invisible orthodontics is your most suitable option in this case. Behind we left those days of showing a perfect denture wearing wires, metals and leagues on our teeth during years. So yes,

2 11, 2017

Orofacial pain. Diagnosis and treatment


Orofacial pain, that affects around 6% of the adult population, is the result of a painful impulsecaused by face and mouth lesions. Its treatment, occasionally, is complicated because the nerves incharge of collecting the orofacial sensitivity have an intricate organization. Even if normally is treated by the dentist, in some special cases the orofacial pain