7 August 2018

Periodontics is a dentistry specialty, that studies  diagnosis, treatment and diseases prevention and  conditions that affect tissues that support teeth, as gums. The objective is to keep good teeth health and its tissues , as well as aesthetics.

Periodontics maintain teeth and its tissues healthy because of teeth cleaning that eliminates tartar and bacterial plaque. It is recommended that everybody goes to the dentist to have a teeth celaning every year.

During this procedure, the dentist have to inform and explain to the patient how to take care of his mouth so he doesn’t make the same errors and   the same problems appear again.

Are bleeding gums normal?

It is simple, if gums bleed, they aren’t healthy. Healthy gums never bleed and we can’t consider this as something normal. Bleeding normally appears because there is an inflammtion in the gums.

Gingivitis is caused by food debris that are trapped between teeth, and cause this inflammation and bleeding. We can suffer occasional gingivitis in case that, having strict sanitation measures, bleeding appears and disappears in some days.

In case bleeding is frequent and doesn’t stop with sanitation measures, we have to go straight away to the dentist. Via periodontics, with curettage or surgery (in most severe cases) we will achieve to stop the bleeding and give back to our mouth the teeth sanitation state that should have.

If periodontics was necessary, it is recommended to  go to the dentist so he can make a complete examination and a teeth cleaning. IMED Dental have the facilities from a cutting-edge hospital, as it is IMED hospitals. Moreover, first medical consultation is free and without commitment.