7 02, 2020

Which kind of bite do you have?

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Malocclusion describes teeth and bite misalignment, it appears when teeth doesn’t fit correctly when mouth is closed and teeth in contact. Do you know your type of bite? It doesn’t really exist just one cause, but the most usual are of genetic or environment nature. Thus, it is possible that changes in temporary teeth outbreak

20 06, 2019

Caring after dental removal

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Many times happen that, when we need a dental procedure, the first question that we have is about pain. Either way, our first doubt, has to be about which is the special care that we need once we have the dental procedure, and we have to ask this to the doctor. In a surgery, or

19 02, 2018

Interview to Dr. Carlos Aguilar: “Diet, some habits and, even, sleeping quality can influence skull-mandible dysfunction disorder”

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Last week in the COPE Valencia station took place an interesting interview to the renowned Dr. Carlos Aguilar. Carlos Aguilar González is expert dentist in orofacial pain treatment and skull-mandible dysfunction and is part of the medical team of IMED DENTAL Valencia. During more than 20 minutes that lasts this interview, the doctor explained closely

12 01, 2018

Oral health during pregnancy. Our experts advice

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18th december 2017 Recent studies showed that having a healthy mouth during pregnancy can help to reduce the preterm birth risk and avoids the baby to have future problems. With the objective of reducing as much as possible the risks, the mother should take some advices as the ones from our experts, dentists of IMED